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About Us

Advanced Micro Energy- AME is a clean-tech organization that focuses on advanced energy technologies and business models. It believes advanced renewable energy technology (RET) is one of the key drivers for green development. RETs create access to energy for underserved people in developing countries as a tool to fight against poverty and facilitate human development. AME operates as a sustainable, full-service renewable energy provider-making commercially viable energy services for detached/remote areas where the public electricity grid is not yet available.

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Mandate & Approach

Our principal mandate is to accelerate the improvement and commercialization of appropriate and efficient renewable energy technologies in developing and the least developed countries.  AME assembles advanced technologies, skilled professional and staff mentors from corporate, industrial and academic environment, and inspires them to think judgmentally using the five pillars of sustainability. Our current focuses are to market low cost off-grid lighting technology and establish village smart micro grid which increases energy access, consumption and energy efficiency and improve financial and health conditions in rural areas. AME applies advanced method and technology for the development of agriculture sector including water pumping, irrigation and post-harvest processing and promote renewable energy based advanced sustainable technologies to facilitate developing and the least developed countries’ effort for transition to green economy.

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