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What We Offer

Advanced Micro Energy (AME) is a clean-tech organization that focuses on advanced energy technologies and business models. It believes advanced renewable energy technology (RET) is one of the key drivers for green development.

At Advanced Micro Energy (AME), our goal is provide the underprivileged living in developing nations with greater access to sources of affordable, renewable energy. Instead of focusing on creating new products for existing markets, we aim to provide new markets with existing products through market expansion. Our current products are sold through non-governmental organizations (such as the Jagorani Chakra Foundation and UDDIPAN) to Bangladeshi customers, whose purchases are supported by micro-finance loans. Our products are designed to make our customers more efficient in both their businesses and private lives. Our range of products includes solar irrigation systems, laptops, cell phones, and computer software.

What do we mean by Micro Energy?

“Micro” stems from the concept known as micro-financing. Generally, micro-financing describes the provision of financial services and assistance to low-earning individuals, or to those without access to typical banking services. The concept stems from the belief that low-earning individuals can overcome poverty if provided with the option to access financial services.

At AME, we are targeting the many poor communities living in Bangladesh. In a country of 150 million, there are approximately 23 million micro-finance borrowers. The potential market for micro-financing in Bangladesh has been neglected, as many investors have been wary of the potential risk involved. However, this feared risk is unsubstantiated, as, historically, around 97-98% of low-income borrowers in Bangladesh have repaid their micro-finance loans. This impressive rate of collection can be partially attributed to the “guarantee system” that is in place. Wealthier individuals will serve as guarantors by agreeing to repay a loan if the happens borrower to default. Thus, even in the event that the borrower is unable to make a repayment, the loan is still repaid.

By providing low-earning individuals with financing opportunities, we helping to speed up the process of economic development in under-developed regions – we are creating energy.

Rural agriculturalists are able to implement modern irrigation systems for their crops, and purchase modern agricultural machinery to assist with gathering and distribution.

Through the installation of solar panels, rural communities have access to long-lasting, affordable light that assists the operations of family businesses, and provides students with greater opportunities for studying.

Access to mobile phones and cellular networks allows rural populations to easily contact customers, distributors, and one another.

Computers help businesses to operate more efficiently and strategically, and assist youth with schoolwork and studying habits.

Overall, by receiving access to modern technologies, low-earning individuals living in rural settings are able to further the economic development of their communities. There is a snowballing effect – the energy provided by the technology spurs the creation of more energy from a successful, involved, and functioning community.

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Our Work Flow

Problem Solvers

AME’s policy is to listen to and conduct research on problems occurring at the grassroots level in developing and the least-developed nations. Accordingly, we design and deliver advanced – but affordable – technological solutions.

Forward Thinking

We work relentlessly to develop advanced, environmentally friendly technologies that meet our clients’ demands, as well as contribute to their livelihoods and well-being.

Door-step Customer Support

AME, along with our partner organizations, deliver friendly, after-sales service straight to our customers.

Interested In Working With Us?

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.