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What We Offer

Advanced Micro Energy (AME) is a clean-tech organization that focuses on advanced energy technologies and business models. It believes advanced renewable energy technology (RET) is one of the key drivers for green development.

RETs create access to energy for under served people in developing and the least countries as a tool to fight against poverty and facilitate human development. AME operates as a sustainable, full-service renewable energy provider-making commercially viable energy services for detached/remote areas where the public electricity grid is not yet available.

Our principal mandate is to accelerate the improvement and diffusion of appropriate, affordable and efficient renewable energy technologies in developing and the least developed countries.

AME assembles advanced technologies, along with skilled professional and staff mentors from the corporate, industrial and academic environments, and inspires them to think judgmentally using the five pillars of sustainability.

Our current primary focuses are to market affordable off-grid lighting technology, as well as to establish a greater number of “Smart Village microgrids.” These will help to increase energy access, consumption, and efficiency in rural areas. In turn, health conditions and the financial well-being of these areas will see an improvement.

AME applies several methods to the development of the rural agriculture sector. These methods include: water pumping for domestic and industrial use, irrigation and post-harvest processing, and promoting advanced, renewable energy-based, and sustainable agro-technologies. The above will help to facilitate the efforts of developing and least-developed nations to transition to the green economy.

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Our Work Flow

Problem Solvers

AME’s policy is to listen and research problems at the grassroots level in developing and the least developed countries and we design and deliver the affordable but advanced technological solutions accordingly.

Forward Thinking

We relentlessly work on advanced environment friendly technologies that meet demands of the clients as well as contribute to their livelihoods and well-being

Door-step Customer Support

AME with its partner organizations take the after-sales services to the doors of the customers instead of customers knocking our doors.

Interested In Working With Us?

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.